Adult Programmes – Testimonials

Thank you very much for wonderful days we spent in DELS.

Every year we stay with you we are more and more happy !Also many thanks for all our friends who joined us this year. We hope to come next year not less than 3 weeks with friends. On our way back we spent nice day walking through Dublin.

Thank you very much!!

Best regards to you, your family and teachers.

Evgeny Shutko,  Russia,


Andoni Diaz, Spain, One to One Exam Preparation, Fiona and Tommy are the best Teachers in the world.  They are wonderful.

Tomas Pujol, Spain, Exam Prep, CAE Course,


I want to say you thank you for the fantastic holiday study of my son Davide Decurti. He was very funny when he arrived at the airport and he told me about this spectacular holiday with a improvement about the English language.And thank you Because you can do for our children to do these wonderful experiences

I’m very happy of spending this days at Donegal Language School. I’ve met fantastic people and I have learned a lot of things.  Thank you!

Julia Perarnau, Spain, General English & Surfing,


It was amazing.  I enjoyed a lot of my holidays, I am sure I’ll come back again.  I fell in love with Ireland.

Silvia Segura Hofbauer, Spain, General English & Riding


Dear Gina
I’m sorry but I didn’t see you last Saturday and so I couldn’t say goodbye or thank you for all. I enjoyed the language school, surf lessons, the host family… everything!
Chiara Rodolfi, English and Surfing, Italy
I really want to thank you and your whole team for the wonderful stay I had in Bundoran. I enjoyed everything, particularly the English lessons and riding lessons. I would like you, if you don’t mind, to give a special thank to Fiona, the riding teacher, who reassured me about my riding level. The accommodation was really nice and everybody was kind with us. I’ve been saving money for a long time and I still have a bank loan to pay this trip but I have no regrets : I did have a great time in Ireland.

Thank you for everything,

Léa Brenière, English and Riding, France,


Loïk was very delighted with his holidays at Donegal. Thank you at every body: direction, english and surf teachers, receptionist of the residential
We will not hesitate to make your school known around us.
By….he thinks to return next year .
Bests regards

Loik, English and Surfing, France,


Dear Gina,
Thank you and Mark very much for everything. For perfect organisation, vegan meal (was delicious), enjoyable accomodation and school, amazing trips… It was really nice time in Bundoran.
All the best
Alena Plechata, English and Hillwalking, Czech Republic,

Hi Gina!I’m back in France and I already miss Ireland.I would like to thank you and your wonderful team of teachers and coordinators for the great time I had in Bundoran. Everything was perfectly organized.

I really hope to come back next year!

Liz, English and Trail Riding Programme, France,


I greatly enjoyed my stay here and I’d really love to come back next year to have the Hill Walking Activity.

Luisia Ziliani, Intensive English, Italy,


I’m very satisfied with my stay and with my course.I appreciated to work with Fiona,she is very nice and very professional.She knew how to put itself in our levels and to make us progress. Thank You.

Ester Lacroix , General English, France,


We enjoy to stay here in DELS, people are all nice and available and professional!

Patrice Lacroix, General English, France,


Thank you very much, I had a fab time .Special thanks for the coordinators .They are all wonderful.I hope to return next year.

Arina Smirnova ,Intensive English, Russia


I got in Ireland knowing almost nothing. So, I guess that I improved a lot and I very satisfied with this. Therefore, the credits have to go to my dear and patient teacher Tommy.

Camila, IELTS, Preparation, Brazil


It was a pleasure to study with Donegal School. Good teachers and good relationship are the points to highlight. Thank you very much for everything!

Heitor IELTS, Preparation, Brazil


Excellent course indeed. I truly think that the teacher has a crucial role in the student learning once he/she motivates the student to find alternative ways (which are lots by the way!) in order to complete this learning experience. The huge majority of my English knowledge is due to this course which I feel really grateful. In fact, I’m going to take this as a consolidate root to improve even more day-by-day. Just remembering that there’s always room for improvement! Cheers!

Miriane, IELTS, Preparation, Brazil


It was a pleasure to work with all of the teachers, I have learned since the moment I arrived here. The equip is amazing, I received considerable support from the teachers to overcome my difficulties. Regarding IELTS, the score is still a mistery, but I’m sure I prepared to start my course. Learning English is the best experience I have had in my life.

IELTS, Preparation, September 2013 – August 2014


I just have to thank you guys from Donegal Language School. I’ve been learning so much with you! Thanks

IELTS, Preparation, Brazil


It was a pleasure studying in Ireland specially in Sligo. I can’t demonstrate how happy and proud about my time in time in Ireland.

IELTS, Preparation, Brazil


I am really thankful for every efforts and motivation from the English team and it’s great it has all paid off on the end.

IELTS, Preparation, Brazil


Tommy was absolutely fantastic. Learning English with him was an amazing experience.

IELTS, Preparation, Brazil


Only to say that it was a fantastic experience with enthusiastic teachers that helped us to improve our English.

IELTS, Preparation, Brazil


It was everything ok, I had a very good teacher and in addition the material used in class was fine, there was a lot of pratice in the speaking and listening overall i really enjoyed the course and fell prepare to the Ielts exams

I spent a lovely time over this months. It is amazing that I could improve my English without get stress

I really enjoyed my stay here, and i would like to return next year.

IELTS, Preparation Brazil


Thank you and Mark so very much for this nice 2 weeks! I hope I can back to Ireland as soon as possible! Special thanks to Gavin for the nature exploration! This was the best excursion durring this 2 week, I, Arina, Manuel and Aurore had so much fun. Goodbye!

Joel Baschung, Intensive English, Switzerland


This experience was amazing for me.  Thank you for everything

I am much better than before, I will keep studying English. Anyway, thanks a lot.

Rui, Japan, General English.


Thank you to all for giving me a very memorable Irish experience.  I will miss you

Sylvain, IELTS preparation, France, September, 13


It is amazing here in Bundoran, I would like to stay much longer.  All coordinators were excellent.  Mark you are a really good host, and Gina thanks for your good organisation.  Finally a big thanks to all of you.  Special thanks to April.  P.s. I hope I can come back.

Silvan Klossner, Switzerland, General English


Special thanks to Mark who made our stay so enjoyable 😉 Also thanks to Gina for driving us.  It was a very nice holiday and school experience here and I’m looking forward to come again.  I want also to thank all the Coordinators and Teachers, they did a good job too.

Stephan Mathys, Switzerland, General English


I liked very much to repeat the experience for the second time.  I’ll recommend to my friends.

Yulia Auqué, Spain, First Certificate English,


I really enjoyed my stay and the course, (still enjoy).  Keep up the good work!

Benjamin Marchetti, Germany,  General English Course,


I would like to regard Fiona. DELS is lucky to have such a wonderful, kind teacher.  I am sure she will improve my English

Maxim, FCE preparation, Russia


I am really 100% satisfied with the teaching methodologies in my class, I’m improving my English rapidly in all aspects. The speaking situations and the focus on academic learning contributed to I believe that is possible I get success on IELTS test.

IELTS Preparation Class, Brazil


The 2º semester was very good, I had a significant improvement, I believe that this next semester will be the same, I’m quite confident! =) Thanks Gina

IELTS Preparation Class, Brazil


Everything in the class is spectacular.  I am happy with everything

Gizele, IELTS Preparation,


It is great for me. I love my teacher Tommy Bonner. He is a good man and a good teacher.

Tatiana, IELTS Classes, Brazil,  April 2014


My teacher is great and my class is so good. I  feel I am improving my English.

Bruna, IELTS Classes, Brazil,  April 2014


Thank you for all. It was an amazing holiday.
I did enjoy English lessons, and Hill Walking programme, too.
Thank you again.
All best,
Robi, English and Hill Walking, 


Just a short message to let you know I did well in the IELTS test.  I achieved 6.5.  Thank you again.

Toni, IELTS Exam Preparation,  Spain


Hi Gina & Team. I would like to thank you for a wonderful time I had with all of you. Im particular grateful towards our great English  teacher Tommy, who allowed me to learn more about Irish Culture and history and gave me a link to watch. The All-Ireland Football Championship. I hope to come to Donegal in 2014.

Liz from France. General English


Really good organisation and kindness, right from the start.

Valentina, Italy,  Adult English and Riding,


I’ve learnt a lot and I’ve improved so much. Funny classes.

Daniel, Spain,  General English, August


I think it is a very good English lesson. The teachers are charming with us. I will return if I come to Donegal once more.

Joachim, Spain,  General English, August 2012


A great time in a wonderful place with warm hearted people, always helpful and friendly.  I enjoyed this time so much.  It was perfect. I hope one day, to stay here again.

Susan, One to One programme, Switzerland, 


I’m really happy to have chosen this school because I’ve been able to practice my English quite a lot and all the people I’ve met have been really friendlly to me.

Rosa, Intensive English


Soy un joven empresario que considero imprescindible el dominio del inglés para optimizar la eficacia en mi trabajo. Hoy en día el inglés es una herramienta básica y, desgraciadamente, pese a que ya había recibido clases de inglés anteriormente en la universidad, la falta de práctica hizo que progresivamente lo fuese perdiendo. Por esta razón decidí aprovechar un periodo de pausa en mi trabajo para viajar a Irlanda unos meses a recibir clases, de manera que pudiese practicar el idioma y reforzar todo lo aprendido anteriormente.

La razón por la cual escogí Irlanda es porque ya había visitado el país unos años antes y había sido una experiencia fantástica;  el paisaje Irlandés es espectacular y su cultura me resulta muy atractiva. La calidez y hospitalidad bien conocida de los irlandeses no es ningún falso mito y esto es algo muy importante a la hora de aprender un idioma, puesto que mantener conversaciones con anglohablantes es la manera más eficaz para conseguir un inglés fluido. Además el surf es mi deporte favorito, e Irlanda, y en especial Bundoran, me brindaba la oportunidad de practicarlo mientras realizaba el curso.

Sin duda este viaje cumplió con creces mis expectativas; escogí Donegal Language School, puesto que desde el primer contacto con la escuela (desde España) la dirección  mostró un trato estupendo. La directora de la escuela se puso en contacto conmigo y una vez en Irlanda, no sólo me mostró la villa y me ayudó a encontrar casa, sino que me introdujo a varias personas y fue muy atenta  durante toda mi estancia allí.

En la escuela, me hicieron varias pruebas de lectura, escritura, escucha y conversación, para medir adecuadamente mi nivel de inglés y ubicarme en la clase conveniente.

El trato con los profesores también fue extraordinario, creo que debo agradecerles a ellos que mi inglés haya mejorado como lo ha hecho; ponen mucho hincapié en aclarar todas tus dudas  y se esmeran en hacer que las clases sean dinámicas y aprendas al máximo en cada una de ellas.

José Manuel Blanco Chao, Galicia. General English,